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Established in 2016, Detect Safety and Security has been offering exceptional service to its Clients since it was originally established nearly two decades ago. We are always looking to persevere towards greatness with our duty and with the relationships that we retain with our Clients

Our Services

School Security

We as Detect Team provide safe and secure school environment. We act as a deterrent to unsafe or poor behavior by patrolling the School, monitoring visitors and reporting unsafe or unhealthy conditions. Patrol and monitor on each shifts, including, days, nights, weekends and holidays to provide security and protection to students, personnel, equipment and property. Maintain school campus security and protect District property against vandalism, illegal entry, fire and theft; enforce laws and regulations and respond to emergency situations.

Retail Security

Public safety is our main concern by keeping a watchful eye on stock, staff and our customers. We provide customer service when necessary but making shore they follow Covid-19 Regulations.

Warehouse Security

Security serve several vital roles in the protection of clients property. We do more then just act as a visual deterrence to criminals. We do the following for instance: Access control Property Rules and Regulations Monitoring of Potential Security Risks Investigate and report security incidents

Office Buildings

Controlling traffic at the gate is very imported for the flow of contractors, tenants, clients and delivery vehicles. Protect the company's assets relative to theft, assault, fire, and other safety issues. Ensure the security, safety, and well-being of all personnel, visitors, and the premises

Event Security

By doing Special Events we protect the premises during the event and look out for activities like identifying trespassers, apprehending criminals, reporting suspicious incidents

Mall Security

We as Detects main optative is to keep our mall's safe against any theft and prevent crime by being on the lookout for any criminals activities. Make shore customers do not get wild on black Friday or during festive seasons.

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